Monday, November 12, 2007

Today is November 12th. It is the night before my 3 weeks trip to Italy, Austria and southern Germany with my man.
This time I will post my daily activities in this blog so anybody interested can follow my journey.
I still have to finish my packing, but it's getting very, very exciting^^

Will be leaving the house at 10:30am and trying to arrive at LAX by 12:30pm via Flyaway Bus from Van Nuys.
Narayan will give us a ride to the bus terminal; we are very thankful.

As Scott says, once we go through all the TSA hassle at LAX and the plane takes off, then we can truly relax trying to enjoy German hospitality (now, there's an oxymoron!) of Lufthansa. At least, Scott will be alright since he's going to fly in business class thanks to his mileage with UA. Jon-our friend who will accompany us for about half of the itinerary-and I will toil in the coach class, but I am shorter than Scott... Jon's taller than Scott, oh, man!

I should go back to packing!
'Will be back soon!


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