Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's 12:28am Thursday, March 1st, 2007, the year of pig, which is supposedly bad for me, because I am a snake; a pig will eat a snake according to a conventional wisdom. Hence, my year started badly; my chronic depression took me over since the second half of 2006 and I dealt with it by binging and ballooning up, thus further depressing myself.

But, but, I am back. I have started my new diet/exercise regimen as of Monday, three days ago. There's nothing drastic about my diet. I am not doing any fad diet because it's not gonna work in the long term. I limit my calorie intake and exercise everyday. Stopped eating carbohydrate excessively and drink a lot more water. I feel a little hungry, but not too bad. It's either I stuff myself until I feel like throwing up or feel much better about myself and look forward the future.

I'll record my progress with ups and downs from now on. You can call me vain, but hey admit the reality. Everybody loves and envies thin people. Being fat or overweight is no fun. I have struggle with the weight issue since I was a little girl. I was never obese, but always plump since about 10 years old. Some nasty boys at my grade school gave me a nickname of "gorilla," which is still scarring. Nobody will call me that, ever, period.

Sugar and carb in general are not worth my life.

I'll get a good night sleep now, so that I will have energy to continue my journey.
Whomever's on a simliar track with mine, I commend you for doing so, and let's support one another.

Love to all of you who never give up.



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