Monday, May 08, 2006

Welcome to my new blog, dear readers.

Did I say "new?" Actually, it's my first ever. I'll see how candid I can be on this page about me and my observations^^

Today, I went to an informercial audition in Manhattan Beach, which is about 35 miles south from where I live. Wow, it's 70 miles for a round-trip and it cost me $8 worth gasoline for the trip! Is there any guarantee that I will book the role? Of course not! You go there, hoping that you will be the one, and do what the casting director asks you to. Today, it was all about how beautiful my skin and hands would look on camera, with a bit of acting, fortunately(?). I had to mime application of cleansing cream on my face, washing it off with imaginary water, and towel dry gently, all along pretending to feel good about my replenished skin! Surely, these casting directors understand how sense memory works, right?

Oh, well, at least the traffic on 405 wasn't too bad; it was rather a real-freeway like for a change.

So, I'll continue to burn my share of gasoline and dream along as one of many, many struggling actors in L.A.


Blogger Jon Haines said...

In an interview aired by NPR on May 8th, John Malkovich talked with nostalgia about his early career when acting jobs were infrequent. He seemed to miss those days when he said "life was simpler" and "more fulfilling".

Elena, don't listen to John Malovich, who doesn't seem to living in the moment. Keep going to auditions, make a success of your acting, and prove John Malkovich to be irrelevant.


12:56 PM  
Blogger Elena Chang said...

Thanks, Jon. I won't bitch but dog the rough path of acting, following my heart with a bit of help from my brain.

1:59 PM  

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