Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Updating my blog is just as hard(?) as keeping a diary, which I haven't done for years. Maybe I shouldn't write when there is nothing to write about.

I had to bail out on the student project due to my inconsistent health problem. Quitting is totally against my personality, so it was a difficult decision for me, but considering what happened today, it was the right choice! The specialty doctor whom I had been dying to see for weeks cancelled the appointment with me today cancelled it at the last moment, due to an 'emergency operation.' I believe what I was told, but it's still a bummer. Speaking of emergency, I went to ER two weeks ago from Friday, crying my eyes out. ER was utterly useless except of taking my bloody $100 for letting me lying on their bed, listening to the misery of an 85 year old man in the same room over a partition. I firmed my resolution that I won't get sick no matter what the cost is if I can help...

Anyhow, my new appointment is this coming Friday, fortunately, not June 7th, which would be impossible for me because I'll be in Peru at that time. This doctor I'll see Friday actually holds the key to my Peru trip. If his verdict is no, I am doomed.

I have never felt that my life is not under my control at all as I do these days. I still believe in doing my best, but the situation like this completely baffles me. All I can do is saying the ancient mantra, "This shall pass.'' and breathe.

If you want to hear about my meeting two Korean male stars, Jang, Dong-gun and Lee, Jung-jae, either bug me or wait until I feel like talking about them.

A bientot.


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