Monday, May 15, 2006

It is 11:30pm, Monday.
Last week was a nightmare for me. My body revolted against me so severely that all I could do was just lying down on my stomach and crying... The worst moment is gone, but I can't relax yet.

We are so fragile; a splinter underneath your fingernail will take away your peace and toothache will keep you awake, shivering in your single dorm bed, all night long on a chilly night in Washington, D.C.

During the worst days, I was sure that my trip to Peru would have to be cancelled after all the trainings and a handsome amount of deposit! I even thought about finding someone else to go in my place...if it were ever allowed.

Now, I can contemplate to go to Peru once again because my body seems going back to its normal state. I'll see, but from now on, I won't take anything for granted. There are so many things beyond one's control and health is definitely one of them. Yes, you can work out and watch what you put into your mouth, but nonetheless, you can't activate or deactivate your involuntary muscles for example. My agony has involved one of those many, many involuntary muscles in a human body. Let me tell you, treat your body well and listen to its warning signs. Don't push too hard. Knowing when to retreat is a true virtue.

I am learning my lesson and hopefully I won't forget it when I am fully recovered.


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