Monday, May 08, 2006


Hmm, it is a quarter to 11pm Monday night. I just finished sending my news blurb to my web designer so that he can get closer to launch my site finally.
Personal website is a necessary evil these days for an actor or anybody who needs to promote or express oneself, I guess. Hopefully, my site won't become too wasteful or redundant...

Time to play a little bit of game to unwind and then, I'll go to bed to appease my body which is currently under attack from my own internal organs! I won't discuss details 'cause it's really not anybody else's concern, but the only thing I like to say here is "For any dieters, please, please listen to your body and respect it. Don't impose your psychological issues on your poor flesh!" In other words, don't repeat the "binging-starving" cycle because you think you're balancing it out. The result will be indescribably suffering as I am experiencing now. Oh, well, I am learning and the lesson fee is very, very high...

Good night, dreamers.


Blogger R.L. Shattuck said...

and good night to you . . .; as I happen to pass by (as it were, or is, in this webby world)

10:59 PM  

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